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We are a new division of the Seaside Group, Inc, which includes Seaside Vacation Rentals and we would like the opportunity to speak to your condo board about the possibility of managing the rentals at your condo complex. We believe strongly in professional condo management and because of that we are creating a separate division of Seaside to do only condo/hotel/office complex management. That division will be managed with the level of excellence that we expect and condo owners deserve. If you feel that is worth considering after reading our materials, please call us.
Our homeowners have chosen Seaside for many reasons. Some have chosen us for our long history (30+ years) as a respected rental agency, some chose us because we offer the best and largest variety of services including the ability to do online bookings instantly; our competitive pricing; still others signed with Seaside because of the extent of marketing and promotion we do. Enclosed is a typical list of some marketing tools we use.
 24/7 Online booking with prompt follow up Housekeeping is a top priority
 Extensive marketing online and elsewhereSkilled maintenance crew
 Exceptional staffSecurity and safety oriented
 Marketing to develop your specific brandCare and attention to your investment
 Maximize off-peak season bookingsFocus on increased profits